Who is the administrator of your personal data? 

  1. The administrator of your personal data is BACHLEDA FINANSE SPÓŁKA ZO.O. having its seat in Harenda 41, Poland; NIP (Tax Identification Number): PL 736-172-31-14, REGON (National Business Registry Number): PL 365897935, owner of the Facility.
  2. Please send any enquiries and reservations concerning our Personal Data Protection Policy to the following addresses: or: Osada Harenda, ul. Harenda 28 A, Poland.

What kind of data is that? How to we collect it? 

  1. We only process such personal data with which you provide us voluntarily. 
  2. We collect your personal data for the purpose of making a booking / concluding  a contract / ordering a service at the Facility or if you enter this data into the contact form available on our website or through other direct communication channels. 

For what purpose do we process your data and what is the basis for processing it? 

  1. Processing your personal data is necessary for us to perform the contract concluded with you / execute your booking / answer your enquiry.
  2. The law requires us to process your personal data for the tax and accounting purposes. 
  3. We also process your personal data based on the Facility’s legitimate interest, i.e.:

    1. ensuring the provision, safety and settlement of services / bookings / transactions concerning the service which we provide for you, which includes also enforcing the Facility’s internal policies; 
    2. handling your enquiries submitted to the Facility when they are not directly connected with performing the contract; 
    3. conducting research on and statistical analyses of the Facility’s website amongst others to check its functionality, improve services or estimate the main interests of the visitors; 
    4. conducting research on and analyses of the web portals being agents between the Facility and the other party concluding a contact / ordering a service, amongst others to check its functionality, improve services or estimate the main interests of the visitors;
    5. vindicating receivables; conducting court, arbitration and mediation proceedings; 
    6. storing data for the archival purposes and demonstrating our compliance with legal obligations; 
    7. processing your data within the scope of the direct marketing of products and services provided by the Facility, which includes also sending commercial information on the basis of your consent granted. 
    8. The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation)

For what data may we ask you? 

Depending on the purpose and the way of acquiring data, we can ask you to provide us with: 

  1. Your forename and surname
  2. Your place of residence 
  3. Number of your identity card / passport 
  4. Registration number of your car  
  5. Your telephone number and e-mail address 
  6. Name, address and tax identification number of your company 
  7. Number of your payment card and bank account 

Do you have to provide us with your data? 

  1. Providing your personal data is voluntary, yet necessary for us to perform services, i.e. execute your booking and perform other services to which the contract refers. 
  2. Your consent to receive information about special offers, promotions, discounts and other marketing campaigns is voluntary as well. We need this consent to send our newsletter to you. If you do not grant us your consent, we will not send these materials to you. Granting or withdrawing your consent is possible at any time. 

For how long do we store your personal data?

  1. First of all, we process your data up to the moment of having ceased to execute your booking or to provide any other services for you as well as until the time period needed to enforce possible claims in connection with these services expires. 
  2. In addition, your data may be stored by us to prevent fraud and abuse, for the statistical and archival purposes for 10 years of terminating the contract / the stay. 
  3. For the purpose of accountability, we shall retain the data as long as the Facility is required to keep the data or the documents including the data in order to document the fulfilment of legal obligations, which refers also to allowing public authorities to check their fulfilment. 

What rights do you have in the scope of processing your personal data? 

You may:

  1. access and rectify your personal data,
  2. if necessary only, ask us to delete your personal data or restrict the processing of your personal data or object to the specific ways of our using your personal data,
  3. if necessary and properly documented only, ask us to send your personal data to third parties.

Who can access your personal data? To whom will we certainly never disclose your personal data? 

  1. We only disclose your personal data to those employees and co-workers of ours who must have access to the data so that we can guarantee high quality of the provided services, which includes both executing your booking / performing the contract, handling your notification and answering your enquiry.
  2. If the data provided by you is processed by third parties, then solely on our behalf and on the basis of a contract concluded with this party. We do not disclose your personal data to any third parties for their own use, exclusively for the purpose of performing our services. All the entities which process your personal data guarantee full safety and fulfilling all the obligations referring to the personal data protection. 
  3. Apart from our authorised employees, amongst other organisers of the events included in our offer as well as contractors who provide managing, accounting, marketing, IT and legal services for us may access your data as well. 
  4. If necessary, we may transfer your personal data to public authorities fighting against fraud and abuse. 

Do we transfer your personal data to countries outside the European Economic Area?

Your personal data shall be transferred outside the European Economic Area only if it is necessary to perform the contract concluded with you / answer your notification. 

Do we process your personal data automatically (which includes profiling) in a way which affects your rights? 

  1. Your personal data will be processed automatically (which includes profiling), yet it will neither have any legal effect on you nor significantly affect you in a similar way. 
  2. Profiling personal data by the Facility consists in processing your data (also automatically) by using the data especially for the purpose of analysing or forecasting your personal preferences and interests. 

Do we use cookies and other portal plugins? 


  1. Through cookies, i.e. files saved by your browser on the hard disc of your computer, the Facility collects the data connected with the way you use websites for the purpose of improving our services offered to visitors and users of the company’s websites. The process includes using cookies. By adjusting the settings of your browser, users may block or allow cookies only if the user explicitly consents thereto at any time. 
  2. Cookies do not identify you personally. The data stored in the cookies includes your browsing history and the websites which you visit, the date and time of your visit as well as any other information on your activity on the websites
  3. In order to carry out the aforementioned analysis, aggregate and anonymous statistical data is captured. While collecting and processing data, also the shortened IP address of the website visitor may be viewed. 
    1. The data is analysed especially to:
      count the numbers of website visitors,
      follow these areas of the website which are particularly attractive to the website visitors,
      analyse the origin of the website visitors for the purpose of optimising the provided services,
      adapting offers to given target groups. 

Other portal plugins 

  1. Our website uses plugins from social media and portals of other service providers. 
  2. By displaying our website, containing such a plugin, your browser establishes direct connection with Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor.
  3. The content of the plugin is transmitted by the respective service provider to your browser directly and integrated with the website. Thereby, service providers are informed about the fact that your browser displayed our website, even if you do not have a profile with these service providers or you are not logged in at the moment. 
  4. Such information (together with your IP address) is sent directly by your browser to the server of the respective service provider directly and stored there. 
  5. The purpose and scope of storing the data which are then processed and used by the respective service providers as well as the contact option, your rights in this scope and the settings protecting your privacy have been described in the privacy policy of the respective service providers. 

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